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Updated August 17, 2007

Violin Making Books


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Violin Making Books



Bass Making Book and Patterns


Bass Making Book Cover

So ... You Want To Build a Double Bass by Peter Chandler Excellent step-by-step instructions for building a double bass, one of the best resources available. Dealer and quantity arrangements possible.

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Bass Plan Image

Life size double bass making patterns by Peter Chandler. Paper, with all measurements and thicknesses. Corresponds to the bass photographs in the book, available in 9 different models.

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Setup and Repair of the Double Bass


Bass Repair Book Cover

The Setup and Repair of the Double Bass for Optimum Sound
by Chuck Traeger 377 pages of essentioal information for bassists, bass repari people and makers.

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Books and Videos by Henry Strobel


Improving Resonance Conditions

How to IMPROVE the RESONANCE CONDITIONS of Musical Instruments by VIBRATION-DEDAMPING, Elimination of Wolf Notes, Other Adjustments by Prof. Gerhard A. v. Reumont, Translated from the original German by Lothar Tews, First English Edition.

A study of the wolf tone and treatments. For the expert violin maker.

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Violin Making

Violin Making, Step by Step by Henry Strobel

This book is complete with traditional and alternative methods from sharpening tools to adjustment and varnishing. Also included are full size Strad model drawings as well as 115 photos.

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Viola Making

Viola Making, Step by Step by Henry Strobel

Similar to Violin Making, and keyed to it, without duplication.

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Cello Making

Cello Making, Step by Step by Henry Strobel

Similar to Violin Making by the same author, and keyed to it, without duplication as well as full size drawings

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Violin Maker's Notebook

Violin Maker's Notebook by Henry Strobel

This is an expanded shop reference manual on rehairing and repairing bows, retouching, repairing instrument cracks, workshop safety and instrument photography.

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Health of the Violin, Viola and Cello

Health of the Violin, Viola and Cello by Henry Strobel

Practical advice on the acquisition, maintenance, adjustment and conservation of bowed instruments.

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Art & Method of the Violin Maker

Art and Method of the Violin Maker by Henry Strobel

This second edition focuses on the design of the violin's outline, scroll, geometry, aesthetics and all the aspects of wood selection. It also includes the making of moulds, ribs, corners, barring and selected repairs.

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Useful Measurements

Useful Measurements for Violin Makers by Henry Strobel

This is a great standard reference both unique and comprehensive. For violin, viola, cello, bass and bows of all sizes, this book provides a large selection of very useful measurements and templates.

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My Real World Violin Shop

My Real World Violin Shop by Henry Strobel

Practical perspectives and procedures of running a violin shop. From the practical experience of Henry Strobel. The business side of service and sales, sample rental agreements, service fees, and many day to day issues. Helpful in adding perspective and awareness for your business.

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Stroble Cello Making Videos

Video: Watch Me Make a Cello Step by Step by Henry Strobel

(Cello Making - Live!) Making a cello as an example, Henry Strobel demonstrates and explains the procedures used by the violin maker. Detailed, close-up and complete, it supplements the step by step books, but it is also an independent educational source.

Three NTSC VHS SC video cassettes, 5 hours and 45 minutes. Also available in PAL format.

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The Art of Modern Violin Making
DVD Video Edition
Volume One: Making a Basic Oil Varnish


Art of Violin Making CD

for DVD book:

Mail $6.00
UPS $9.00

Have you always wanted to know how to make your own varnish, but didn't know what to do or where to turn? Are you fed up with people who won't share "secrets" with you? If so, this DVD Video is for you. Follow along with me and make your own high quality oil varnish.

Please note that this DVD is in NTSC format. Supplied in a DVD case.

More DVD titles on our new web site.

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Violin Making CD Book by Ricardo B. Flores


Art of Violin Making CD

for CD book (mail):



Here are some of the great features of the CD:

1. Geared for the first time maker- As your "Virtual Instructor" Mr. Flores takes the time to carefully and thoroughly explain each step of the process and yet, is ever-mindful not to confuse the reader with complex ideas and issues.

2. Ease of Use- Simply pop the CD ROM into any available CD ROM drive on your PC and the CD will auto-load. This is not a software program! This is a CD ROM book. Place the book in the CD ROM drive when you want to read it, and take it out when you are done. Nothing is ever installed on your computer.

3. Lavishly Illustrated- This violin making guide features over 1,200 high quality photo Illustrations! Nothing is left to the imagination. Every important aspect of the violin making process is illustrated in detail. No other violin making guide (at any price) comes close to this.

4. Comprehensive- This guide covers it all! Everything from an illustrated list of tools and supplies, to all the measurements is included. There is even a complete set of templates (including a template for the mold) which you can either print out yourself or have printed for you at a copy service store. There is no need to buy a separate volume for measurements and other vital information. One CD has everything!

5. Varnish Recipe- Mr. Flores doesn't hold back any information in this highly secretive and debatable area of violin making. A complete recipe for a high quality oil varnish is covered in detail. A wealth of photos covers the application process. You will not find this in any other violin making guide!

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